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Here comes the summer! Horay!

Girls in mini skirts, forget about tights and must have’s- shades.

There were few sunny days last week here in London. I am revealing my secret! I burnt myself in my garden….Yes.I did. It was only 20degrees and It was nice and sunny. I fell a sleep in mid day without any sun screen then off to yoga in the late afternoon. I didn’t feel of anything TILL I took shower after another boiling hot yoga session…..I looked myself and my body was lobster! How embarrassing! I quickly turned around from other people and went….

Enough about me here…..

I wrote about this amazing products on my last blog  Blog:CHANEL HEALTHY GLOW SHEER POWDER SPF 15    I love this products. I don’t know how many people I recommended to is enormous. The interesting fact is It’s not sold in Japan. IF it is, I apologise…..Instead, Chanel Japan is selling ‘ Le blonc’ whitening skin care range. At the same time, I’ve received an email from Suqqu  about another whitening products news.

Me, Tan lover can not get my head around it…. really. I totally understand If you tan you will have scare of skin cancer etc. But, with this amazing technology nowadays you can avoid certain amount of damage by putting sun lotion surely.

Here is the slight history of whitening in west.

A sun tan in bygone centuries was confined to the poor and those working as servants or on the fields. Back in the days of Ancient Rome and Greece a tan was a complete “no no”. Women used lead paint to whiten their faces – unfortunately they didn’t realise they were killing themselves through lead poisoning and premature death was quite common! In the days of Queen Elizabeth I, women slapped copious amounts of powder on their faces. This had a dual purpose – to cover the smell because they didn’t wash very often and to make them whiter. They even used to paint very thin blue lines on their foreheads to make their skin look translucent.Victorian ladies and Southern belles never went outside without hats and parasols to protect their delicate features.It was only in the 1920s that being bronzed became fashionable. Style icon Coco Chanel came back from holidaying in the south of France with a – TAN!  Holidays abroad became de rigueur for the upper classes and it was the poorer classes that ended up pale and pasty.Suddenly a sun tan became a symbol of having money and leisure time. Certainly a bronzed face in winter showed that you could afford to have a break at a time of year when less monied mortals were confined to their offices.

Then, Why is ‘whitening’ still staying in Japan/ Asian countries?

As history goes, It’s same story from western countries. But, It looks like stayed that way till today. There was the time I remembered it must be mid 90′s when ‘ganguro‘ which girls had chocolate brown skin was kind of polar but that didn’t go super trendy. It almost died straight away.

When I visit Japan especially in summer months you see millions of women with grey skin. Does anyone know why? Because of these whitening products makes yellow skin( not to be racist but) grey. Think twice ladies,It isn’t working! If I can change this strange habit I would. Skin has natural skill to go back to white in winter month anyway .Why not! enjoy the sun kissed skin instead this summer?






では、なんでどうして日本アジア圏では未だに美白なのか? 謎は解けなさそう。

90年代半ばに流行ったガングロも直ぐになくなり、どこもかしこも’美白’ 。やはり、どうしても直ぐに茶色くなってしまうのがいやなのか、はたまた、日本人の休日は3日が限度だからなのか、この美白の人気ぶりはなかなか去らないかも。黄色い肌に(決して差別ではありません)、美白ものを塗ったところでグレーになるだけ。どこか、くすんでいる灰色。肌は自然に寒くなれば自然と白くなるようになっています。今年の夏は小麦色の肌を楽しんでみませんか?