Shinobu Abe Make Up Artist


This is an article that I found this morning. It’s about Eyelashes.
Shiseido  in Japan sent out questionnaire to Japanese women age between 20-40years old about what is your ideal eyelashes are? This was based on ‘Eyes are such strong feature’ on face. The most poplar answers to ideal eyelashes are ‘curled and upwards lashes’ and ‘long lashes’. No wonder in 2010 Sales of false lashes in japan was nearly double than a year before. Also, some of them experienced longer the lashes get faster they grow.

Other interesting facts from this articles are….

The growing cycle of eyelashes is 4month compare to Hair growing cycle of 3-5years.
The growing period of eyelashes is only 40days it’s a 1 /3 of hair growing period.
The speed of the growth of eyelashes is 50% slower than the hair.

Shiseido forecast on what if there is anything that can make growth speed faster when eyelashes are at growing stage….Eventually Shiseido found a products called ZIZYPHUS JUJUBA FRUIT EXTRACT  The sample of the products has already a patent. We will see the products on the shelf soon.
Until then, We STILL have to make our lashes long and fabulous! Here’s my secret tool to you ladies…..
I LOVE eyelash curlers. If anyone ask me what is the only thing I take to dessert island out of my make up bag is the eyelash curler. I remember when I went to try some mascara at make up counter ( don’t remember which brand!) shop assistant said they don’t have Eyelash curler….How do I supposed to try any mascara! Surely, you have curl them first?!? Especially, my oriental eyes.
Eyelash curler on top is Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura comes with kitch and cute little mascotte also designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself. I love the RED rubber bits.
Eyelash curler on bottom is by Suqqu. This mountain shaped eyelash curler has unique technique to be followed. When you pinch your lashes between metal bit and rubber bits you then lift it 90degree. It almost pushes into your eye sockets then wait for few seconds. You see the lashes lift from the roots. If you use it wise you have longest eyelashes!
Here’s my way, When I do it on models/other person, I lift eyelids up with one hand then open eyelash curler then go right in to the roots then pinch. Wait for few seconds. Release. Then, 2nd time around, I pinch lashes from midway of the lashes. Wait for few seconds then release. Repeat if requires. Do I pinch skins? YES. Beauty is painful I am afraid.
When I do it on my eye, Have a mirror on one hand closely. Place all the eyelashes into the eye lashes curler then pinch. Wait for a minute. Before you release you slide it off from the lashes. Ouch!  This makes Long, Curled and upwards dream eyelashes. Obviously There’s mascara to go with but I will leave it out to talk about it for now.