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October 2, 2013 10:24 am

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So It’s Time for Miu Miu.
It was fun shooting and seeing all the collection Miu Miu ever done….It feels like anyway.
It shot in this amazing 60/70th house in the woods with amazing models.
I don’t know it was NICE or not we weren’t allowed to use any products in the house. When hair make up done it was done…..

As far as make up goes,I took some refs from Miu Miu shows over the years and translated modern look = shinobu way.Because of the outfit was from all different collections I kind of went with how model looks and kept it as individual. One of the favorite was the girl with graduate Purple liner on her eye socket. It worked well! I sort of staring to do lines on her eye socket to begin with and then why not I blended it in. It almost something sits on her eye lid but It’s nice. And, Amy Gwatkin who shot this beautiful video also has nice shot of the make up! Thank you Amy!

Make up is always nice that you have some accident and the continue to make it to something else.
Don’t forget!you can take make up off if you don’t like it….

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  1. I loved it, I respect him a lot. Especially for the no-retouching. Our shoots were always amazing cos of that, but we didn’t know it then…

    • shinboobs wrote:

      There was retouching back then but it was done very minimun.
      What is happening nowadays is I don’t know if we are creating images on the shoot day OR we are actually creating pre-images on shoot day that you don’t know what you are going to see after retouching. Very odd and confusing……

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