Shinobu Abe Make Up Artist





The summer, sunny may be sand and sea for some people. Here’s my latest nail polish from Ruby wing. It changes the colour  by the sun! How fun is that! It was initially given as a gift to my daughter but it was sunny day here in London I had to try and see if it’s real deal. And, It DID!

Which is your favorite colour?


そんな時に出会ったこの新しいネイルカラーRuby Wing。陽に当たると色が変わると言うこの代物、元々、娘に頂いたこのプレゼントお日様が出てきたからには私も試すしかない・・・・ 興味本位で塗ってみたら・・・・本当に色が変わった!