Shinobu Abe Make Up Artist

Sounds weird me= few moan a day about London Japanese girl to say but this is what I like about London.

I was out rather on mission to find my beauty must+best buy in town late’ish. After my misson was half accomplished I bumped into this Exhibition by MR BRAINWASH 

It’s in this warehouse, garage, don’t know what space that is to be used kind of space on New Oxford Street. Where 242 bus used run by there. Anyway, You are welcomed by 3 massive horses. Not just horses……They are all painted. Almost, Paints are dribbled onto horses body. I sort of walk passed it thinking I will come back again another time. But, then It stuck in my mind so much that I went back to see it.

When you enter it, you are in this world of icons. Very colourful, eye catching, fun exhibition was great discovery on Tuesday night in town, I must say. Because of the space/ surround is dark and almost black these colourful art just pops out. I enjoyed it.

It will be only till 31st October, Next Wednesday which is The Halloween Night! It’s worth checking out before your Halloween! Hurry!






20121024-052659 PM.jpg

British Icon. イギリス!ってかんじのするアート。

20121025-090042 AM.jpg

I heard this London’s Icon cost £40,000 to make? このロンドンの黒キャブ4万ポンド=4500000円するって聞いたな〜

20121025-090053 AM.jpg

I like her/ him…..これ好きかも。

20121025-090105 AM.jpg

Got to have mickey, Hi! ミッキー!これ、家の庭に欲しい。

20121025-090117 AM.jpg

er, sorry for Bluuurrrry photo. ピンぼけすいません。

20121025-090125 AM.jpg

How big is cassette tape be? カセットテープはどんだけでかいんだろう。

20121025-090135 AM.jpg

Mama Mickey! ママミッキー。

20121025-090214 AM.jpg

Ooops I did it again. さ〜ブリットニー!

20121025-090236 AM.jpg

It’s amazing GOLD being used. この金は素敵な金!

20121025-090252 AM.jpg

Yes, Yoko and John. ヨーコ+ジョン。

20121025-090315 AM.jpg

Yes. ハーイ!