Shinobu Abe Make Up Artist

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Mens grooming business is global and massive industry in all over the world. Here’s something I found on Japan.
These young generation called ‘youtori sedai’ which translate as ‘freedom generation’. These kids are educated by those system since early 90′s. They never have competitions even at sports day. They just run and not given winning medal. They’re not been punished either or spanked. It might sounds nice but I feel there’s something missing in them. And now It’s the time of these first graduates to find jobs.
Back to my beauty quote…….
So these boys in Japan is incredibly vein. They use different sun cream on skin, body and even their hair! Yes, there’s sun protection spray exist just for hair.
These boys even shave all hair and hair is styled perfection. Eye brow has to be trim and waxed. Must haves = clean shaven! My question is Would I like to have boyfriend like that?