Shinobu Abe Make Up Artist





LIGHT SHOW @Hayward Gallery is a unique exhibition that you can enjoy with your friends and family. I went on one wet and cold friday afternoon and it was packed! I managed to buy tickets online the night before though…..

It was my first visit to Hayward Gallery and I loved that architect there. The building looks like inside out. There’s concrete structure inside of the building that same looking as outside which I thought was unusual as an exhibition space.

After, I have been looked after by lovely staff at reception. You through the door here you go exhibition start with ‘light’!

The first object is eye catching and ‘wow’ factor straight away. Kids are so excited and nice to have more space to run(?) around for them. It feels’up’ and exciting for adults too.

All the objects are nicely laid out through out this exhibition and fun to go into each rooms too. Our favorite is the last photo from above. It looks like you are going into tunnel of light. It’s magical and yet bit weird….Once you were in you would spend ages figure out how its created.

It’s fun and warm inside. It’s perfect for this weather!….It’s only open till end of April. I would avoid easter break but Hurry!

LIGHT SHOW @Hayward Gallery  Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London,  SE1 8XX. 30 Jan- 28 Apr 2013. Ticket booked in advance and same day tickets are available. £11.00 for adults.





ドアを開けて入ってみるとそこにはアラ〜と、ばかりにキレイなライト達♪ こんな寒さもびしょぬれさも忘れそのマジカルな空間にうっとり。良〜く見るとたいした事ないライト達もやはりアイデア勝負。おもしろい、おもしろい。