Shinobu Abe Make Up Artist







Georgina May Jagger was joy to work with!

Cute gap between her teeth is her signature. Her young face somehow has grown up women in her already.

It was fun day in massive conservatory. It has swimming pool and has loads of tropical plants located at middle of England. This was shot in Sep 2012 it was cold…..Yes, It’s England! Ofcourse Inside of the conservatory was warm and somehow looked tropical for hight of summer in Australia. As I lived in Japan and UK don’t quite think southern hemisphere is summer in December. Especially, working for magazine ‘season’ isn’t quite met most of the time…..

I think we’ve created summery look on this.

I thought to give her red lips and black eyes on Georgia initially because it has been her ‘look’ But Then I thought Why not give her expensive, rich and sophisticated look instead? Using Brown shades of everything….. So, I picked up Chanel Brown Eye shadows . lighter shadow of brown was used on eye lid and darker shade of brown was used on eye socket to create ‘bit’ of 60′s. To make it modern I went heavy on cheeks I used MAC Trace gold  on Top of her cheek bone, MAC Format frost  on under her cheek bone then blended with Bronzer Radiance 1 from Topshop. I think you can see the effect well on 3rd photo from Top. Then, add Black eyeliner and heavy on mascara. Complete with beige lips.(←I will talk into details on another blog) I do love these Trace gold and Format Frost. It’s been years I have been using these 2 products as cheeks/ shading/ contouring/.Final and oldest product of my friend is  n°01 – a shimmery golden white  used on corner of georgia’s eyes which made it back to classic look. 

Here we go! Happy summer days!




茶系のシャネルのアイシャドー を。ベイジュに近い明るい方の茶色をまぶた全体に、焦げ茶の茶色の方を目のソケットに。これによって少し60年代っぽいメイクになったわけだけど、ここで、チークをバッチリ入れる事によって少しモダンに。チークはマックのトレイスゴールドを頬骨の上に、フォーマットをほお骨の下に、その両方をブレンドする為にトップショップのブロンザーでブレンドしてみました。リキッドアイライナーとマスカラをどっさりつけ、ベイジュの口紅で仕上げ。(←ここの詳しい話しはまた別のブログで)最後で最後のプロダクツはブルジョワのパールをジョージャの目の脇につけ少しクラシカルなビューティーを取り戻してみました。