Shinobu Abe Make Up Artist

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So, it’s a time for long haul flight.
This time we are off to Japan!
I often think it’s super dry on flight. It doesn’t matter how much water I drink.
I never forget to take these 2 products with long journey.
1st products Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. kiehls
This super rich hand cream is must have. As my hand needs to looked after for what I do for living this products has been my friend for sometime now.

Another products is Shu Uemura Black Phyto Black Lotion.phyto-black radiance boosting lotion
It’s not easy to carry bottle of liquids nowadays as regulation on flights are limited. I usually carry it in smaller and lighter container.
This products I have been using for few years is fantastic. It’s not ordinary toner which takes off oil on your skin. Instead, this product gives enough moisture to the skin to prep before moisturizer goes onto skin.

So, both these products works on flight! It’s usually air is dry and cold.
I usually put them on frequent as I can.
Don’t forget! Wash your hands before though as flight is pretty filthy.