Shinobu Abe Make Up Artist

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I am back in London.
It’s grey, rainy and it’s freezing cold.
Sometimes I wonder how long would I last to live in England because of this!
Anyway, after 12hrs long long flight back from my homeland my lips are suffering from dryness.
Here is the bestest products ever!
Dr lipp Dr Lipp
It’s a nipple cream for breast feeding yummy mummies.
It’s pure lanolin. 100% natural.
This has been my life saver for me.
On shoot, dairy routine for my lips and any dryness on the skin surface.
The only thing is its a little bit sticky but try it and tell me what you think.

それはさておき、やっぱり、長時間の空の旅を終えるころには、唇もカラカラ。そんな時は、これ!ドクターリップ Dr. Lipp